Welcome to my site!  This is the start of the library of me – my published works where folks can get to know how I write, what I write and perhaps why I write…. welcome.

January 2019: On Thrive Global, “The Messy Meditator” – yes we can meditate “as is”.  This was the habit I made in 2018 that changed the game for me mentally. Accept where you are, and start breathing:


October 2018: On Thrive Global, “And Now It’s Your Turn” – a piece I wrote about the aftermath of my daughter’s healing, and the inspiration for my own to start.


July 2018: On Thrive Global, “What Suits Me Today” – and how nice to give another mention to my favorite fashion chronicler Bill Cunningham!


June 2018: On Thrive Global, my article on Uphill Battles


April 2018: On Linked In, lessons from the Neuro ICU


March 2018: My first piece for Lesley Jane Seymour’s new group, Covey Club (which you really need to join!)


February 2018: On Linked In, some lessons from my father